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We believe in Justice for everyone. Due to that reason we offer free legal services to poor people who cant hire a lawyer.

Umesh Kumar Yadav

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UKY & Associates is among the top-notch lawyers holding the superiority of experience in their kitty. UKY & Associates is not just a firm that is here to assist you with lawyers, but we are right here at your service with our Golden Rule to fight for justice. Our firm takes this privilege to be the part of your case and make it not better but strong one with our team of professional lawyers who are a panel of experts listed in the top courts.

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We believe in Justice for everyone. Due to that reason we offer free legal services to poor people who cant hire a lawyer.Right now free legal help is only for people residing in Rewari, Gurgaon but we aim to expand our help on all India basis.We invite other lawyers to connect with us if they believe in same as we want to serve as many people we can.

Criminal Lawyers

We have showed customers who through regrettable making decisions may have found themselves in need of a lawyer and proper protection. Whether they are white-collar matters such as income tax, identification fraud, or computer coughing criminal offenses, or crimes like sexual assault, kidnapping, or killing, the attorneys at our company have obtained an excellent popularity for strongly protecting their clients.

As a Law Firm in Rewari we also provide criminal law services. We have specialized lawyers to deal with criminal related cases. If you are looking for criminal lawyers or need advice for criminal related cases please contact our law firm.

Divorce Lawyers

We are the Best Divorce Law Firm in Rewari and Gurgaon and provide best divorce lawyers for divorce cases and other matrimonial disputes. Having vast experience in the divorce-related domain of Indian laws, our lawyers are committed to come out with the best of results.

With the rapidly changing social scenario, now India is no longer a country where the teaching of elders’ for so-called ‘adjustment’ leaves affect upon both men and women. As a result, the disputes arise and come with a number of litigations. These disputes include civil as well as criminal litigation proceedings. This is where we can help resolve these legal affairs with maximum possible ease.

India has dissimilar divorce laws for different religions. Almost all the religions have their own divorce laws in India which are used and utilized when any dispute arises between two families or married persons.

Industial Disputes

The UKY & Associates has significant experience in almost of every aspect in this respect, which range from labour-management interaction, promotions, after retirement benefits, service conditions etc. The firm also advices on major industrial conflicts such as employer-employee problems, re-organization, changes in the workforce, terms and condition of employees etc. Clients can seek advice on the following issues:

• Career and linked agreements • Discrimination
• Business Partnership issues
• Worker disputes
• Termination
• Promotion
• Transfer
• Solution against Stop Labour practice
• After retirement benefits
• Disciplinary inquiry
• Retrenchment and compensation
• Worker settlement cases


Insurance protection coverage is a form of risk control primarily used to protect against the possibility of a contingent, uncertain Mis-happening. Insurance protection coverage is defined as the reasonable transfer of the possibility of a contingency, from one business to another, in exchange for payment. An insurer, or insurance company, is a company selling the insurance; the insured, or client, is the person or business buying the protection.

The amount to be charged for a certain variety of insurance protection is called the premium. The insured gets an agreement, known as the insurance coverage, which informs the circumstances under which the covered will be economically paid.

Company Law

Company’s law is the field of law regarding companies and additional business organizations. This comprises corporations, partnerships and other associations which regularly carry on some form of commercial or helpful bustle. Whether you choose to start a teamwork, organization, or Limed Liability Organization (LLC), regional or worldwide, our law firm can complete your objectives.

We are preferably placed to offer a wide range of legal services not restricted to creating and examining various agreements like the Articles of Development, Managing Contract, Investment Contract, and MO U’s, Contracts. We're exclusively placed to assist, advice, and signify customers - companies and private. We deal in the following: Company Signing up, Registration, Organization De-registration, Professional Law, Business Law, Lawsuits & Mediation, Share Transfer registration, Oppression and Mismanagement petitions, Joint Venture Agreements, Winding up of company, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association.

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